Sierra Pacific


The STEM club at Sierra Pacific High School organizes weekly activities centered around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These events provide students with an opportunity to explore STEM subjects in a fun, unique and interactive way.

What We Do


Several of the activities that we organize provide participants with an incentive to complete them. For instance, our club has conducted various competitions like parachute contests, egg drop challenges, and marshmallow tower building competitions, all featuring enticing rewards for the winners.


Our STEM club conducts weekly activities that encompass various aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). These events comprise coding, physics, and mathematics projects, among others.


Aditya Sahasranam

President | Director of Tech

Adi is a junior in High School who is very interested in Technology. He handles all of the Technology Related activities and coordinates the activities for other subjects. His extracurriculars are Tennis, Band and Decathlon.

Lucas Esqueda

Vice President

Lucas is a junior in Sierra Pacific High school he is the vice president of the stem club and I help the stem club by running officer meetings. Lucas is involved in many extracurricular activties like tennis, percussion, CSF, and boyscouts.

Marianne Lababit


I am Secretary for the club. I help by taking minutes and giving my thoughts on events that we are planning. Outside the club, I am involved in Color Guard and other clubs like CSF and Environmental Club.

Xinyu Yang

Treasurer | Co-Director of Science

I help in the Science aspect of the club alongside Greyson and will manage club funds when we obtain them. I study biology outside of school to try and further my knowledge of the sciences.

Greyson Mueller

Director of Science

Greyson is a junior in high school who enjoys science. Hes in FFA where he learns about veterinary sciences on a CDE team. He handles science related matters in STEM Club along with Xinyu and enjoys sharing his scientific knowledge with others.

Breanna Cruz

Director of Engineering

I am the director of Engineering for the STEM Club. For the engineering part of our club, I plan to make fun projects thatll help the members that are interested in engineering. Outside of our STEM Club, I am involved in CSF, Color Guard, and Environmental Club.

Andrew Pelton

Director of Math | Co-Director of Tech

Andrew is the director of Math at the STEM Club. He is currently a junior, and participates in the band at school. He really enjoys coding and hopes to share his passion for math and tech!

Dylan Gambino

Co-Director of Engineering

Dylan, 16 year old high school dual enrollment student at Sierra Pacific High School. He is hoping to major in Computer Science when going off to college. He mainly focuses on hands on activities that build foundations for creativity and innovation for the Sierra Pacific STEM Club.